... to Totally Girl, the collective of Jill. All sites hosted here or the listings I've joined, are listed with one of the following listing networks: The Fanlistings Network, Alter Listings Network, The Movielistings Network, or The Numberlistings Network. Please have a look around to see if you would like to join something!

collective stats
I currently own 15 listings with 3021 fans (+ 0 pending), have 0 on upcoming & have 0 application(s) pending. Additionally, this collective has 43 affiliates and I have joined a total of 130 listings that belong to other people.

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The lovely Kirsten Dunst graces the layout at Totally Girl and the domain is a gift from Wendy. Hosting is provided by Celeste & Lindsey. The images used do not belong to me, they are intended for pretty viewing only & no copyright infringement is intended. The website is best viewed in the Firefox browser, with a 1024x768 resolution.